Dear friends,

After my training in classical painting and drawing (2014), I found my way to a free, abstract, expressive style of painting.

Alberto Giacometti had the opinion that the first condition to see well, is to forget. For him painting was the instrument of seeing. In a certain way, I absorb this momentum and switch off into a state of playful automatism during the creative process. So I keep my distance from a predefined concept and „let“ abstract pictorial landscapes emerge by letting go.

The process-oriented encounter with the canvas is characterised by an impulsive grasp of the colour medium.

„Emotional worlds are free of national borders, categories or religious affiliations,
they are brightly coloured, deep black, transcendent, abstract…unfortunately still too unknown in this world“

Inspiring Artists:

Alberto Giacometti, Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock, Paul Cézanne, Sigmar Polke, Tilo Baumgärtel



2017 „Hinter Der Blauen Tür“, Jahresausstellung Engl Ateliers, München, DE (

2018 BERGAMO ARTE FIERA, Bergamo, IT (

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2021 L‘appartement 58, Kunstsalon November, München, DE

2023 #raumeinsateliers, München, DE

2023 LiTTLE58, Amalienpassage, München, DE (

International Publications

2018 Internationale Kunst Heute 2018“,
ISBN 978-3-9816595-4-2

2018 Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.),
Ausstellungskatalog 2018

2018 Leut‘ und Leben,
Herbst/Winter 2018: „Ateliergemeinschaft Engl“

2019 Münchner Merkur Nr. 172
Wochenende 27./28. Juli 2019

2019 Versteigerungsbroschüre Charity 2019 zu Gunsten der Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall Hilfe e.V.

2019 Versteigerungsbroschüre Charity 2019 zu Gunsten der Kinderhilfe Stiftung e.V.

2019 Versteigerungsbroschüre Charity 2019 zu Gunsten der Til Schweiger Foundation

2019 TZ München, 18.12.2019

2020 Versteigerungsbroschüre Charity 2020 zu Gunsten der Emanuel Wöhrl Stiftung

2020 KIR München, Comeback der Salon-Kultur, Ausgabe 02.2020

2022 ARTPROFIL – Kunstmagazin, 2022, Heft-Nr. 149, Yasin David Sarfraz „My Own Personal Rainbows“